Lemonade braids: The Ultimate Guide!

Lemonade braids: The Ultimate Guide Lemonade braids, formerly called cornrows side braids, were made famous after our icon and larger-than-life queen Beyonce wore them in her 2016 citrusy-titled visual album, Lemonade. The album—a love letter to black women—had nearly a dozen visual award nominations (although she was snubbed the Best Album Grammy) and led an […]

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Hair Is Easier Than You Think With This Simple Breakdown

The Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Hair 1. It’s incredibly moisturizing. So, why should you use coconut oil on your hair? For starters, it’s perfect for deep conditioning your strands, says hairstylist Evalyn Denis. It’s one of the easiest ways to add extra moisture to your hair. Consider it nature’s hydrating heavyweight. This is because coconut […]

Your Complete Guide to Using Rice Water for Your Hair

How Does Rice Water Benefit Your Hair? The use of rice water for hair health is quite a common practice in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Kate mentions that “Women in Asia have used rice water on their hair for centuries,” with the Yao women being the most well-known for utilizing rice water for both hair and […]

Your Guide in Finding the Best Hair Braiding Service in Your Area

How to Spot a Competent Hair Braider in Dallas, TX Planning to have your hair braided? Be sure to only turn to an expert hair braider for flawless results. Here are helpful tips on how to spot a high-quality hair braiding service: Personal Recommendations Is there someone you know whose hair is braided? You might want to […]

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